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Adhering to innovation, the three energy project has been promoted to the final of the third "coming to Dongtai, winning the future" innovation and entrepreneurship competition
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Yesterday, the final of the third "come to Dongtai · win the future" innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held on the third floor of Dongtai Internet building.

The competition is jointly sponsored by the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, the science and Technology Bureau, the human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Dongtai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Dongtai high tech Industrial Development Zone. Since its launch in May, it has attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs, and more than 200 innovation and entrepreneurship projects have signed up for the competition.

Mr. Gao Zhigang, chairman of Dongtai cibainian Bioengineering Co., Ltd., has been working in microalgae field for 26 years, sticking to his original intention and innovation. His innovative project "Sanneng three dimensional intelligent and efficient microalgae development" was selected at different levels and was successfully promoted to the final.

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