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Efficacy and function of spirulina tablets
News source:     Time:2020-07-10     Clicks:28
  Spirulina tablet belongs to a kind of health care medicine. Its main effect is to nourish blood, replenish qi, dissipate phlegm and reduce turbidity. Therefore, when we are weak and have anemia and dyspepsia after illness, we often feel that the whole body has no strength and does not want to eat, or dizzy and headache all day, and the complexion is very dark. At this time, supplement spirulina tablets can improve the above symptoms.

  Of course, in addition to some of the above effects, spirulina tablets have been reported to have certain effects on reducing blood lipid, improving renal function, including relieving stomach disease, diarrhea and constipation.

  But generally speaking, its effect is mainly auxiliary. It is a kind of health care medicine, so the side effects of drugs are relatively less. However, if the symptoms we just mentioned are not alleviated, it may not be enough to use spirulina tablets alone. We should go to the hospital in time for treatment with drug system.

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