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Chlorella eight application areas, how much do you know!
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In 1890, a Dutch biologist, M. W. Beijernick, discovered under a 600-fold microscope a magical little creature, just 6-8 microns in diameter, spherical in shape and with a pleasant name, Chlorella. The mysterious chlorella has been on earth for more than three billion years. It is mostly spherical in shape, a few oval. Only three to eight microns in diameter, invisible to the naked eye.

Chlorella has been found to have the closest natural balance of nutrients to human needs. CHLORELLA contains seven nutrients: Protein, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, water and dietary fiber, eighteen amino acids are known as "bottled Sun" and "green gold" .

1. Dietary supplement

2. New Resources for food additives

3. Beauty products

4. Biomedicine

5. bioenergy

6. Soil and water pollution control

7. Plant regenerant

8. High grade feed

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